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Low Rent Rendezvous

June 28, 2009

Mexico trip 025 copyNO TELL MOTEL….sounds like the title of a song, eh?
Actually they are the best deal in overnight lodging in Mexico. These are motor motels, usually on the fringes of cities, where men and women, or any combination therein, go to have…well, you know. The Mexican call them: motels de pasa. The beds are large, as in KING SIZE(see picture) the televisions have porno, for those that need their pumps primed before….well, you know. The one we stayed in Mazatlan had a shower stall (marble) so large you could play a half court game of basketball. They have locked closed garages for privacy and protection. They offer room service of food and sex toys. I hate to say I didn’t know how some of the “toys” worked. However all of these night depositories come in various shades of shaded so check out the room before insertion. The downside of these motels are the short stays (max 12 hours) or you pay extra for a longerĀ (stud’s) stay. Look for them around large cities. You can even check-in with your wife(s) or husband(s).