Low Rent Rendezvous

Mexico trip 025 copyNO TELL MOTEL….sounds like the title of a song, eh?
Actually they are the best deal in overnight lodging in Mexico. These are motor motels, usually on the fringes of cities, where men and women, or any combination therein, go to have…well, you know. The Mexican call them: motels de pasa. The beds are large, as in KING SIZE(see picture) the televisions have porno, for those that need their pumps primed before….well, you know. The one we stayed in Mazatlan had a shower stall (marble) so large you could play a half court game of basketball. They have locked closed garages for privacy and protection. They offer room service of food and sex toys. I hate to say I didn’t know how some of the “toys” worked. However all of these night depositories come in various shades of shaded so check out the room before insertion. The downside of these motels are the short stays (max 12 hours) or you pay extra for a longer (stud’s) stay. Look for them around large cities. You can even check-in with your wife(s) or husband(s).


14 Responses to “Low Rent Rendezvous”

  1. Alison Solomon Says:

    Hey Anita and Michael,
    What a great idea! Look forward to more posts!
    Alison and Carol

  2. Jill Flyer Says:

    Actually, anything that is a motel (with an m) is a no-tell – anything that is a hotel (with an h) is not a no-tell. I stayed at a motel in Oaxaca with some friends, where I learned of this distinction. The one we stayed at was new, built that year, pristinely clean. But, one wall was covered with a mirror and there was no closets or chest of drawers (and all sorts of raunchy stuff on the tv). Also, VERY cheap. I’d stay in one again.

  3. Judy Whitford Says:

    Clicked on rss and got gibberish. Please sign me up to recieve your blogs. Great fun!

  4. Joyce Raburn Says:

    Looking forward to reading about all your travels!

  5. Leyla Says:

    Nice pic of the room and enjoyed reading your comments! I am LOL and quite amused. Have fun on your travels and we look forward to hearing from you.

  6. susan landi Says:

    Look forward to more!

  7. Nan Says:

    Glad your fans convinced you to do a blog…. I’m looking forward to hearing about your travels and perceptions!

  8. Seréna Says:

    It is tiresome I’m sure to write lengthy story versions of your travels with so trips you guys go on. As for the motels – what a great idea! I’ll bet you guys will be visiting a lot of those over the next six months. And, it sounds like you’ll get a sex education to boot! Who would have thought in a Catholic country.

  9. Diane Pretti Says:

    I’m looking forward to sharing your travels via blog.

  10. Pat D Says:

    Been there done that! When Den, Frankie and I stayed in one I didnt know that was the deal. When I dove onto the bed, because it looked so inviting, I nearly suffered internal injury because the thing was cement.

    Send more pics I love them.
    Be well and safe

  11. Audrey Tsuruda Says:

    How I envy you guys! I’m looking forward to the rest of your blogs….
    If you know your approximate itinerary it would be good to know where you’re headed. (Or will that tie you down too much?)

  12. Jay Landis Says:

    sign me up, Have a wonderful time on your travels

  13. Susan Bzoza Says:

    Geez, Anita, we were never offered sex toys and we were always booted out after 8 hours. You guys found a good one.

    We stayed in one of these places outside of San Luis Potosi that was one of the most lovely rooms we’ve ever stayed in.

    • Anita & Michael's travels Says:

      We stayed in one outside SLP also, maybe it was the same place. It was for 8 hours only and we had to pay 1/2 again to stay an extra 4 hours. It was worth it, it was beautiful.

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