Lassen the rock star with what’s his name

Michael & Lassen in the Jardin of San Miguel de Allende

Michael & Lassen in the Jardin of San Miguel de Allende

Walking with a rock star, say… Michael Jackson (Yea, I know he’s dead) is being invisible. People constantly stop me and want to take the dog’s picture. They’ll ask a ton of questions about the dog, but nothing of me. So it goes when you are just posse with a ROCK STAR.


18 Responses to “Lassen the rock star with what’s his name”

  1. char Says:

    cute photo of ‘what’s his name’ and Lassen!

  2. Linda Herrin Says:

    Especially of Lassen. Heehee.

  3. Libby Shipman Says:

    Anita, I hope you’re keeping a list of all the hotels that are accepting Lassen. I think a lot of us could use that info.

    • Anita & Michael's travels Says:

      We are not staying in hotels. We have rented houses or apartments in each city. There is a list online of places that take dogs. Check out

  4. Joyce Raburn Says:

    Nice blog! I especially like the painting across the top. Did Anita paint it?

    Cute picture of Lassen and what’s his name too! LOL

  5. Eileen Collard Says:

    Looks like a nice day in San Miguel. Here in Minneapolis, it’s raining–which is good since it’s been so very dry this summer.
    Enjoy our travels and keep up the blog. It’ll be fun to follow your adventures.

  6. char Says:

    What a great idea! How long will you stay in San Miguel? Where to next?

  7. Chris Says:

    Great pic: I would luuuuve to be sitting on a bench, just watching leaves drop and people walking by…..enjoy your day.

  8. su Says:

    Lassen looks healthy, still can’t be easy traveling with him….

  9. Judy Dykstra-Brown Says:

    Be sure to go to the desert botanical gardens..entrance is on a road just north of Gigante…(in Southeastern area of San Miguel) there are miles of trails that end up overlooking the old aqueduct and Los Balcones…Don’t know if you can take your rock star, but the views are great there and you could walk all day if you wanted…There are pools, etc…as well..and a cactus display and sales…Judy

    • Anita & Michael's travels Says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. We have been there twice. It is a fabulous place. There is a ruin of an old hacienda that is very interesting to explore.

  10. Stephanie Smith Says:

    Glad to see you giving the locals in San Miguel something to talk about! And are those diamonds on that rock star’s collar? Lassen and what’s-his-name look like they’re enjoying the scene. Keep takin’ pics and blogging, it’s great to follow your travels. Anita, get yourself into a pic every now and then, too, eh?

  11. char Says:

    Lookin’ forward to seeing more pix!

  12. Leyla Says:

    I like the blog idea! Having fun? I think so…..

  13. Sandy feldmann Says:

    Hey, the rock star would have people asking for his autograph if he were wearing a hat like Michael’s.

  14. Chris Weinstein Says:

    Both Lassen and Micheal comfortable with the attention and the place.

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