Paris 5th day blog

So far in Paris we have traveled the METRO like natives ducking in and out, negotiating turnstiles, pressed together with the common man and woman rider on the crowded train cars. The Paris METRO is efficient and modern for the most part, and way cheaper than the British over priced system. We have also spend about 8 hours so far looking at more art, mostly paintings, mostly impressionist and post impressionist art and old masters in a number of Paris museums to include the Louvre and the Orsay.  Tomorrow we travel by train to Versailles to see how the 1/00th of 1% lived in the 18th Century. We probably have walked fifty miles in the last 5  days. We have walked Rue Saint Germaine, along the Seine and Monmartre, gone to Saint Chapalle and  walked around Notre Dame. We have joined the Parisian sunning in the Luxemberg Gardens. We have shopped in the local grocery stores and street markets and been astounded by the prices that the Parisians pay for meat and vegetables. What an adventure we have had so far in this beautiful city with so much more to come in the remaining 10 days we are here if our feet hold out.

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7 Responses to “Paris 5th day blog”

  1. Eileen Collard Says:

    My cousin recently published a book about the markets of Paris – called “The Markets of Paris.” I will try to find out if it’s available in Paris, if you’re interested; it’s in English. I remember wandering the streets of a different arrondissement each day I was there one time. It was fascinating.

    • Anita & Michael's travels Says:

      Now I see what you posted, I hadn’t seen it when I sent you the other reply. I will look for it. Thanks.

  2. Val Says:

    Enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Val and John

  3. Anne Flaningam Says:

    Did you get to L’Orangerie? It has Monet’s waterliies in the basement in oval rooms. You stand in the middle and you’re in the middle of the pond. Amazing. It’s at the opposite end of the Tuleries from the Louvre.

  4. Pat Dismukes Says:

    Thanks for taking us with you on your dime and carrying all the luggage! I’m having a wonderful time! Thanks A&M

  5. Linda Samuels Says:

    Can’t remember the name of the movie at this moment, but Elizabeth Taylor was in San Sebastian and had a nervous breakdown. Turns out her young male cousin(?) was murdered in the water. And, if I remember right, he was cannabalized. Does anyone else remember that movie?

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