Paris continued: We do art

So what does one wear to the world’s most famous, grandest and over-the-top Palace of Versailles? You wear formal black, of course. The place is located about an hour’s ride on the train and then you just follow the hordes of tourist for another 10 minute walk to get there. The places is, as described above, way over the top and then some. Gold covered statues, marble floors and manicured gardens second to none. Plus they have a small lake for boating if you are so inclined. Man, could Louie the XIV the “Sun King” really know how to build’em. One great surprise was the modern and quirky art work done by an artist (not sure if she is French, Portuguese or Spanish) scattered throughout the palace. She lives in Lisbon maybe we can do brunch. See pictures.

NOTE: It is just amazing after walking for 5 to 6 hours a day you can eat anything you want and not gain weight and you never have trouble falling asleep at night. But how do the Parisians (as opposed to the distinctly different French) maintain their health and shapely girth who don’t walk that many miles a day? That is, this is the land of cheeses galore, bread and chocolate shops on every corner and butter in every recipe? It must be all the wine they drink to flush the bad cholesterol from their body. At least that is my theory. Traffic in Paris is not bad or congested. Most people take the Metro, at least the proletariats and the 40 million tourists a year do. Weather has been cool at times but fine.

Museums: OK, this is the deal on seeing (too mnay) museums in Paris. You can purchase a museum pass that will get you into more museums than you can care to walk. We tried to see them all. The passes also get you to the head of the line in many museums. Note: Do not buy the 2 day pass thinking (boy are you dreaming) you can see 6 museums in 2 days. No bloody way. The Louvre is a must, Anita is not fond of “old masters” so we dashed through there (A dash is 2 hours) The Pompidou is wild, weird and wacky and you should see that one. (Again budget the whole day)The D’orsey is the Valhalla of impressionist and post impressionist paintings. The Orangerie has 8 of the enormous Monet Waterlily paintings presented in 4 painting each in oval room where you can meditate on the beauty of the paintings. Unfortunately the Picasso Museum was closed for something or other. We also used the passes to go to see the Saint Chapelle stained glass, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame. It was all our feet could take.

Before you come to Paris to see museums comfortable shoes are utterly, fantastically and forever mandatory. Also sole inserts are helpful and it is a good idea to change your shoes (comfortable again) every day. I read somewhere that changing shoes helps your feet. Do not be stylish (I’m talking to the gals on this one) and think you can stay on your feet for 6 hours in any footwear with high heels of any height. It would be the death penalty for your feet.

Anita’s comments:

Everyone(men and women) are wearing tight narrow legged pants.

Parisian women wear sensible, flat shoes. High heels are rare during the day and mostly ballet pumps are in although sandals are common.

All women seem to be wearing long scarfs wrapped around their necks.

In July all the store have huge sales of 50-70% or more off and clothing is pretty inexpensive. I bought a pair of sandals at H&M for one euro. Lots of tops, bathing suits, etc. were 5 euros.

Not all women dress well here, but most are really thin. Overweight people are few. As Michael said, how do they do it.

To see the photos:


3 Responses to “Paris continued: We do art”

  1. Ann Says:

    Eagerly await your next posting. Feels like I am there with you. Please comment on your accommodations.

  2. Diane Says:

    Great blog and look forward to your next entry. Love the fashion comment!

  3. Val Says:

    It all sounds wonderful. I just read aloud the last two blogs so John could enjoy the stories along with me. Delightful!

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